Parker’s childhood heroes were Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, and John Wayne. With role models like that and the last name Fisher he was destined for a love of the outdoors. Born in the great state of Texas and grew up in Littleton, CO. During his final years of high school, he spent part of his education attending an extensive outdoor education program honing his skills in Outdoor Leadership, Conservation, and Bushcraft. Now he is pursuing a career in real estate and spends his summers as a backpacking guide.



Jon (a.k.a. Big Fudge) is the life of the party, always ready for a good time. He is currently a senior at Colorado State University. Jon has spent many of his summers and weekends working for Young Life camps all over Colorado. He is looking to continue a career with Young Life camping post college. His time in these mountain summer camps have lent to outdoor experience such as: wranglin’ horses, fixin’ it with what you’ve got, and saving campers from bears with an 870 and some rubber buckshot.     



Connor’s passion for the outdoors, along with his faith and family, is at the core of his being. He is always ready to hunt or fish and thinks any day in the outdoors is a good day. Like Parker, his cousin, he was born in Texas and raised in Black Forest, Colorado. Connor lives with his wife, Grace, (Jon’s sister) in Fort Collins, CO. He has his bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern studies from Colorado State University, works in property management, and leads worship at his local church. But no matter what his day job is, Connor’s eyes are always on the sky.

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